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Julie Norris is best known as the visionary behind Dandelion Communitea Cafe. She created its’ concept, wrote the original business plan and managed all aspects of the cafe until August 2010 when the cafe was a little over four years old. Read what others have to say about Julie.

She dives deeply into topics that interest her and has an unique understanding of small business, local food & economies, birth & parenting, health & wellness, community and how things work. She is a writer, radio personality, social entrepreneur, visual artist, frequent speaker & guest lecturer on everything from Ecstatic Birth to Local Food to Small Business to Flexitarianism. Her knowledge and creative abilities have been sought after by countless organizations, entrepreneurs and seekers and she has consulted for numerous events and festivals. Natural marketing and public relations abilities, a background in graphic design and website development all compliment her keen ability to communicate holistic oriented information to people.

She wants to make the world a better place by being the change she wishes to see. She loves live music, delicious food and watching the world transform into a more peaceful and harmonious place to be. Some of her side projects are listed below.

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Julie Norris


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